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Who We are

We were born out of humble beginnings, with an idea that has manifested over years of sweat and selling to chain gangs. The foundations in which Velesse was built were first laid on a trip to Alpes D'Huez while sat outside of Le Zoo Bar in the blazing French sunshine after watching Thibaut Pinot win Stage 20 of the 2015 Tour De France. It occurred to us that sat on that sun-soaked table in the French Alps, surrounded by people just like us, who had drunk far too much and loved the tour, that is any of this kit made for us? Or is it built with the elite athlete in mind?

With the rigorous testing that goes into the performance of the elite athletes to gain several aerodynamic advantages. Why are we not testing who is going to be gaining value from this?

Above all else, we just wanted something that would help us go faster than before, and we wanted to be seen. So that's why we brought Velesse to you. We wanted to bike and we wanted hit speed – and that is precisely what Velesse means.

What We Do


Our vision is clear... We wanted to make a striking cycling kit that isn't just comfortable but fast for the average Tom, Dick, or Harry cyclist. I love riding my bike, but we can't hide the truth. I don't ride anything like a professional, so why am I wearing the same kit? As an average man with average pace, we realised a lot of the aero benefits built into all top cycling kit are based on data built around fast professional cyclists, which gave them a whole new set of aero properties on someone like myself.


Ever since we designed our first kit, our fitment and aero testing has been based around real-world people, giving us real-world results. After rigorous testing, we know our kit is comfortable in all sizes offered and lightning-fast across the board. We aim to test all our products, even more, we know we've only scratched the surface on how to create products for every size that offer speed for the competitive advantage when it matters.